Gringo's Paradise

Matanchen Bay is one of the few places on earth where you can own affordable property right on the beach. A growing community with miles of coastline.  Great restaurants, gift shops, grocery stores, doctors, dentist, veterinarians all at very reasonable prices.  A community with-out high rise condos, overpopulation, inflated prices.

In a big coastal city living on the beach means living in a condo with a neighbor above you, below you, on your left and on your right, no yard for a pet or kids to play in. Condos, hotels and business occupy beach properties in the larger cities, with rare exception can you find any locations for private residences and when you do it is extremely expensive. Other beach areas would be perfect for habitation but remain isolated, other coastal areas are uninhabitable due to terrain.

Matanchen Bay is unique in that it has all the facilities one needs, it is not isolated nor uninhabitable due to terrain.  This entire area is rich in not only all ocean life has to offer, but on the land as well.  Plush with tropical fruits such as papayas, pineapples, mangoes, coconuts and the exotically flavored jackfruit. The Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range is a beautifully lush green backdrop complimenting the blue Pacific.

This area provides a positive life changing opportunity for anyone who has dreamed of owning a beach house or ocean view property.  Start today by contacting us, it is that easy.  Private property titles can be put directly into a Mexican nationals name or for foreigners secured through a bank trust.

 For dialing information:  Canada and the U.S.A. dial the internation code 011 - 52 - (323) 254 - 9041 This will connect you to our office phone.  Add a 1 after the international code to reach our 2 cell phones:  011 - 521 - (323) 118 - 2118 and for Spanish dial 011 - 521 - (323) 127 - 6011.

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