Gringo's Paradise

Welcome to Matanchen Bay. An undiscovered area of the Pacific ocean which starts at the surfing/fishing village of Santa Cruz. Here you will find a friendly town to live in.   Downtown grocery stores, restaurants, a beautiful church and plaza, local boat dock, fish and oyster co-ops where you can purchase fresh seafood to take home and cook.  Seaside restaurants offer oysters in season, lobster, and the local favorite sarrandiado (bbq fish).

Next up along the Matanchen Bay area is Playa Los Cocos.  Here is where you can find very affordable beach front properties. An opportunity to walk across your yard, down the stairs and onto the beach. The hotel Casa Manana and Delphine both provide swimming pools and fine restaurants where you can look out at the ocean or take a walk along the sandy beach.

Aticama is a town at the end of Playa Los Cocos.  It has affordable ocean view properties on the hillside, all a short walk to the beach and downtown Aticama.  In town you can sit along the ocean at the local restaurants for a cold drink and the catch of the day.  Seafood cocktails are recommended. Here is our local library and museum. Good schools, dentist and medical clinic. 

Matanchen beach is our area's longest stretch of beach.  Not long ago it was all jungle.  Now it is filled with fine restaurants and expensive houses. It has a new highway where you can drive from Guadalajara or Tepic to the beach in record time.  The highway leads to Matanchen boulevard where are local OXXO is waiting for you.  A new pier and boardwalk provide locals and tourist with prime picture taking opportunities.  The boardwalk has adult exercise equipment and playgrounds for the kids. At the far end of Matanchen is what is know as "The Tovara". The Tovara is a boat ride tour where you can see alligators, turtles, and many varieties of birds.  It has a restaurant at the end of the tour and a large swimming area so bring your swim suit.

To complete the Matanchen Bay area tour is San Blas.  San Blas is a historic port city where you can take a tour of the oldest fort on the Pacific Ocean.  A nice town plaza that is surrounded by the church, fish market, restaurants and night clubs.  Drive north to find the boat docks where you can park your yatch or sailboat, here you can hire a boat and captain to go deep sea fishing for marlin and other types of fish. Drive south of the plaza and experience the local beach know as 'Borego beach'.  Surf contests and big waves at this local.  Many casual restaurants at Borego beach where you can enjoy a good meal and cold drink while digging your toes in the sand.

Join our lovely community of artist, musicians, surfers, fishermen and those of us who simply care to do nothing other than lounge around and gaze at the ocean.

For dialing information:  Canada and the U.S.A. dial the internation code 011 - 52 - (323) 254 - 9041 This will connect you to our office phone.  Add a 1 after the international code to reach our 2 cell phones:  011 - 521 - (323) 118 - 2118 and for Spanish dial 011 - 521 - (323) 127 - 6011.

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