Gringo's Paradise

 Welcome to Matanchen Bay. An area of the Pacific ocean which starts at the surfing/fishing village of Santa Cruz. The Matanchen Bay area provides a positive life changing opportunity for anyone who has dreamed of owning a beach house or ocean view property.  Start today by contacting us, it is that easy.  Private property titles can be put directly into a Mexican nationals name or for foreigners secured through a bank trust. Check out our commercial property section and see a restaurant for sale right on the beach~~~

 For dialing information:  Canada and the U.S.A. dial the internation code 011 - 52 - (323) 254 - 9041 This will connect you to our office phone.  Add a 1 after the international code to reach our 2 cell phones:  011 - 521 - (323) 118 - 2118 and for Spanish dial 011 - 521 - (323) 127 - 6011.

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